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About us

WildGoose Bakery was founder by a couple team, Vernon & Kirstin, brought together by their love of food & their believe that food can open doors & create community.

Vernon was born in South Africa, but has been a Leytonstonian for his twelve years in London, he has had a glittering and diverse career as a chef. His experience ranges from a field kitchen where the passers by included lions and elephants, training to be a chocolatier with Valrhona in France & melt chocolate shop in Notting Hill, and then onto the heart of Mayfair in London.

Vernon was part of the team who won the prestigious ‘Best Afternoon Tea in England’ award while at Browns Hotel, and worked for several years for acclaimed chef Mark Hix. Vernon’s father instilled in him, a great sense of social responsibility, and his Grandmother was the source of inspiration for his passion for baking.




Our core values

5 core values learned from South African tribes
Every culture around the globe has been baking flour based foods
for thousands of years.  It was a communal affair, sharing with neighbours,
bringing the community together. Our team of bakers are busy up to
16 hours a day to give you something that is worth eating. 




Generosity & kindness
The Zulu people are known for their practice & belief in Ubuntu, which simply means “humanness”. This is practiced on a daily basis by showing respect, generosity & kindness towards others.

We aim to create community through relationship, seeking ways to give back to our local community and pursuing environmental conscience.




Positivity & celebration of life
The Xhosa people hold on to the belief that a positive attitude should be adopted in every situation. They believe that life is an act of celebration with song & dance remaining a very important part of their community.

At the wild goose bakery we believe that a positive attitude, a desire to do our best & have fun is what sets us apart.




Sharing skills
The Venda people believe strongly that skills and craft making must be shared and valued.

We aim to create a social impact by focusing on the skills each member of our team has to share as well as offering apprenticeships & classes.




Teamwork & entrepreneurship
The sotho people believe in teamwork, they have a complex way of organising their villages into properly assigned responsibilities. With each group fully responsible for a single skill such as hunting, cultivating crops or smelting iron due to this they are able to achieve their goals and function meritoriously.

At the wild goose bakery we believe that all young people regardless of background should feel confident and supported to dream big & build a legitimate and financially independent future. We wish to show that with a “can do” attitude, teamwork & a drive to excel even in the little things that their dream can become a reality. We are building a sustainable business that will provide mentorship and employment to young people who are prepared to work hard and learn.

We want a % of our workforce to consist of these dreamers in order to create a culture of betterment & entrepreneurship. We feel dreams should be given encouragement & support to grow. That is why we desire to employ people who want to use us as a “stepping stone” to achieve their goals, through mentorship, networking & support.




Artistic “self expression”
The ndebele people value artistic self expression in daily life.

Since the beginning we have involved the local artistic community by inviting artists to exhibit their artwork on our walls as well as leaving permanent murals.

Our desire is to create a culture of “self expression” and problem solving within our workforce by giving them freedom to input ideas & creativity as well as act with initiative.




Our South African inspired products are reflected through the Protea, the national flower of South Africa, which creates the body for our brand symbol. Our brand spirit of togetherness is captured through the Wildgoose looking backwards.

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